UNST 220C: Understanding Communities

Module I:  Community and Urban Development

Online Readings

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Online Readings and Activities

  1. Bolender, Ron. “Chapter 2: The Emergence of Cities.” 20 Jan. 2005 <http://www.bolender.com/Sociology/Palen/Palen 2.htm>. Required if you do not yet have Phillips.

  2. ---. “Chapter 1: The Urban World.” 20 Jan. 2005 <http://www.bolender.com/Sociology/Palen/Palen 1.htm>. Required if you do not yet have Phillips.

  3. Anderson, Elijah. "The Code of the Streets." Atlantic Monthly 273.5 (1994): 81-94. Required if you do not yet have Anderson's Code of the Street book. Persistent link: http://proxy.lib.pdx.edu:2052/login.aspx?direct=true&db=aph&an=9406080410.

  4. Kulick, Don. "A Man in the House: The Boyfriends of Brazilian Travesti Prostitutes." Social Text 15.3-4 (1997): 133-160. Required if you do not yet have Kulick's Travesti book.  Persistent link: http://proxy.lib.pdx.edu:2091/view/01642472/ap020045/02a00070/0?frame=noframe&dpi=3&userID=83fc7879@pdx.edu/01cce4403000508b633&backcontext=page&backurl=/cgi-bin/jstor/

  5. Wirth, Louis. "Urbanism as a Way of Life." American Journal of Sociology 44.1 (1938): 1-24. Persistent link: http://proxy.lib.pdx.edu:2052/login.aspx?direct=true&db=sih&an=15453419

  6. Fischer, Claude S. "The Subcultural Theory of Urbanism: A Twentieth-Year Assessment." American Journal of Sociology 101.3 (1995): 543-577.  Persistent link: http://proxy.lib.pdx.edu:2052/login.aspx?direct=true&db=aph&an=9601264669

  7. Adair-Toteff, Christopher. "Ferdinand Tonnies: Utopian Visionary." Sociological Theory 13.1 (March 1995): 58-65. Persistent link: http://proxy.lib.pdx.edu:2091/view/07352751/ap010024/01a00060/0?frame=noframe&userID=83fc7879@pdx.edu/01cc99334100501c1ab23&dpi=3&config=jstor

  8. Putnam, Robert D. "The Strange Disappearance of Civic America." The American Prospect Online 7.24. 1 Dec. 1996.  <http://www.prospect.org/print-friendly/print/V7/24/putnam-r.html>.

  9. Pollitt, Katha. "Subject to Debate." Nation 262.15 (15 Apr. 1996): 9. Persistent link: http://proxy.lib.pdx.edu:2052/login.aspx?direct=true&db=aph&an=9604121151

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  11. VOD "Agricultural and Urban Revolutions." Bridging World History. Annenberg/OPB, 2004. <http://www.scctv.net/annenberg/bridging_world_history_04.asx>

  12. VOD "Mesopotamia." The Western Tradition. Annenberg/WGBH Boston, 1989. <http://www.scctv.net/annenberg/Western_Tradition_03.asx>

  13. "Diversity, Democracy, and Self-Determination in an Urban Neighborhood: The East Village of Manhattan": An InfoTrac article.

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