Plagiarism & MLA Citation Short Write

© 2006-2008, Martha J. Bianco, Ph.D.

The purpose of this short write exercise is to give you practice identifying and avoiding plagiarism and using proper MLA format.


You will be completing a set of online exercises and the Diana Hacker A Writer's Reference web site.  Your results will be saved online, and I will be able to access your results and grade them.  Before you do the Diana Hacker online exercise, please prepare by doing some or all of the following.  Please do not attempt to skip directly to the exercise without doing any reading or other preparation.  You will just waste your time and mine.

The exercise itself is at the bottom of this page, highlighted in yellow.

  1. Portland State University Definition
  2. Earl Babbie's Definition and How to Avoid Plagiarism
  3. Mary J. Allen's Definition and Examples
  4. Hodges' Harbrace Handbook, Ch. 39 (and parts of Ch. 40, as necessary)

READ and DO:

Wadsworth Publishing
*Note:  Please do not send the results of any exercises at this site to me.
  1. Plagiarism Definition
  2. Plagiarism Experiences
  3. Plagiarism Strategies
  4. Plagiarism Resources
  5. Summarizing Exercise
  6. Paraphrasing Exercise
  7. Quoting Exercise
  8. Avoiding Plagiarism Exericise

Indiana University of Bloomington
School of Education
  1. How to Recognize Plagiarism: Overview
  2. How to Recognize Plagiarism: Plagiarism Legal Cases
  3. How to Recognize Plagiarism: Five Examples
  4. How to Recognize Plagiarism: Practice
  5. How to Recognize Plagiarism Test


VOD (Requires Windows Media Player ) “Quotes and Citations.” English Composition: Writing for an Audience. Annenberg/CPB. Berkow & Berkow, 2001. <>.
Go to

Diana Hacker's A Writer's Reference MLA Research Exercises, at

When prompted, sign in with your first and last name and type in my e-mail address ( -- you will have to type it in twice) in order to receive credit.  Please see your syllabus for the due date for this assignment.
  1. Click on "Research Exercises"
  2. Click on MLA
  3. Begin with E-ex MLA 2-1 and continue through E-ex MLA 4-3

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