Completing the Online Sources (VOLT) Exercise

This exercise requires approximately 1-1/2 hours to complete. You can do this exercise from any computer that is connected to the Internet, so that you can access the PSU Library.

The Viking Online Library Tutorial (VOLT) consists of three interactive online modules, or learning sessions, to help you learn about using libraries and the Internet for research. Even if you are already familiar with these topics, the tutorial provides a useful review and is relatively painless to complete -- at times, even moderately entertaining....

At the end of each module there is a short quiz. After you complete the quiz, you are presented with a table showing your results -- how many questions you got right, your overall percentage, etc. Please print these out and turn them in. Helpful hint: You can copy and paste the results of each quiz into one Word document, fitting all three on one page. Printing that out and turning it in to me will save paper!

You do not need to complete all three modules in one sitting. However, you must complete one full module in order to take the quiz. If you abort the module before taking the quiz, you will need to start it all over again. So, either do the modules all in one sitting or do them one at a time in separate sittings.

You must complete all three modules and quizzes by the due date for this class.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Make sure you are doing this assignment from a computer that has the following:

    • Internet access
    • Connection to a printer
    • Internet Explorer 4.0 or betteror Netscape 3.0 or better. Chances are the computer you are using has one or the other of these browser versions. Once you start up VOLT, it will let you know which version of which browser you are using.
    • Cookies enabled. If you do not know what Cookies are, you probably have them enabled, so don't worry.
    • Notepad, Word, Wordpad, or other text program for copying and pasting (recommended, but not required)
    • Shockwave Flash 3 (or higher) plug-in (if you do the Flash version; the VOLT Lite version does not require Flash). If you choose the Flash version, you will be directed to a screen that gives you the opportunity to test whether you have Flash, and then, if not, assists you in obtaining it (it's free).

  2. Take the quiz that is offered at the end of each tutorial module. Remember that you must complete the entire module in order to reach the quiz. If you abort your session in mid-module, you will have to start over again. However, you may do one module and its quiz and then take a break and do the next module and its quiz, and so on. Also, you do not need to do the modules in any particular order.

  3. At the end of each quiz, you will receive a table showing you how many questions you got right and the percentage. You need to turn this in to me!

    1. Option 1 (preferred): With your quiz results showing in your Internet browser, open a text-editing program, such as Word or Notepad. Copy and paste your quiz results into your blank document. Copy and paste the quiz results for the remaining two modules in the same document. Edit out any blank spaces so that everything fits on one page. Make sure your name is on the page. Print this out and turn it in.

    2. Option 2: Print the quiz results page for each quiz. Staple the three pages together and make sure your name is on the front. Turn in.

  4. Go to VOLT (Viking Online Library Tutorial) and begin the tutorial now.


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