Brittany Williams


Brittany Williams is a 23-year-old white female who lives in a low-income section of North Portland.  When she was 16 years old, she was involved in a car accident that left her paralyzed from the waist down and with limited use of her left hand only.  Before the accident, Brittany was what many people would consider a “classic blonde beauty.”  She still has her “good looks,” but is wheelchair-bound.


She receives disability of $425 per month.  Her rent in North Portland is $250 for a studio apartment.  She does not drive.


Brittany has just received financial aid to start taking classes at PCC.  She is not yet sure what to major in or what sort of program would be suitable for her.  At this point, she is taking English and math at PCC’s Sylvania campus.


Brittany feels like she has come a long way since the accident, especially now that she is about to begin a college career.  She would like to find some sort of job to supplement her income, although she’s not sure whether disability rules will allow that.  She would also like to get married eventually and have children, though she is not sure whether she would be able to get pregnant.  She has been seeing this one guy a bit recently, but she’s not very sure whether she wants to continue, because he has always drunk a lot whenever they have gone out.