Electric Streetcar Suburb Era

Streetcar Suburbs, Boston
Sam Bass Warner
Boston Sreetcar Suburbs ca. 1900
Dolores Hayden Image Collection

Streetcar Suburbs, Somerville
Alex MacLean
Somerville, MA, ca. 1910
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Suburban Cottage
Andrew Jackson Downing, architect
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"Why Pay Rent?"
Advertisement in Everybody's Magazine (1910) and Life (1901)

Captions read from top:
"In its first moments, the urban residential ring struck many prospective purchasers as positively borderland-like."

 "Once developers erected rows of houses, the first families arrived in the residential rings were subjected to restricted views, much street traffic,
and a dozen other decidely urban unpleasantries."

 "William Dean Howells and others remarked not only the crowded horsecars and, later, electric cars serving the residential ring,
but the difficulties confronted by  women riders in particular."
Dolores Hayden Image Collection