Ethnography Resources
Understanding Communities:  UNST 220C

Note:  These resources are intended to supplement class lectures.  If you do not attend the lectures on working with Census data, creating PowerPoint presentations, etc., the information on this page may not be very useful.
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Qualitative Information
Quantitative Information

How-To's for Creating Graphs and Presentations
Help on Writing a Paper

How Much Is the Assignment Worth?

Here is what you should get from this assignment:

Everything in this assignment other than ethnography research methodology (field observation), getting to know a Portland neighborhood, and working with census data should be review; as sophomores and above, you should have already be familiar with these skills, and this project should be an opportunity for you to practice what you already know.  If you do not have these skills yet, then this is an opportunity for you to learn them before you need to use them again.  

So, beyond knowledge, experience, practice, and the value of learning in and of itself, the presentation is worth 50 points, and the paper is worth 150 points, which are divided roughly as follows:

Portion and Percentage Portion and Percentage
team info 5
writing 10 methodology 10
citations 5 supplemental info 10
paper format 5 quantitative literacy 15
paper process 10 interpretation and analysis 30

Click here for an example of a nearly perfect A-level ethnographic report, at

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