J.P. Hinkhouse


Mr. Hinkhouse is a 65-year-old gay white male.  His friends call him “Hink.”  He has lived with his partner, Henry, for 25 years.  While Hink has always identified himself as gay, Henry was in a heterosexual marriage for 5 years, when his wife died and he moved in with Hink.  Henry has a son, Jason, who visits Henry and Hink often.  Jason is single and straight. 


Hink is independently wealthy, having acquired his wealth through family inheritance and investments.  He owns homes and condominiums in San Francisco, New York, and London.  Because of Henry’s son, who is a computer analyst in Beaverton, the two maintain their primary home in the Willamette Heights area of Northwest Portland, near the entrance to Forest Park.  They do most of their shopping and dining in the “flats” of Northwest, near 23rd and 21st Avenues.


Neither Hink nor Henry owns an automobile or drives.


Most of the time, Hink is flamboyant and effeminate.  He is, for the most part, “out” to friends and family (he has only one living sister).  But when he conducts business affairs, he does what he needs to in order to fit in with the straight culture.  The rest of the time, however, he is quite openly gay.


Hink is HIV negative and is in a monogamous relationship with Henry.


The two occasionally frequent gay establishments, particularly Hobo’s in Portland’s Old Town.  Otherwise, they rarely leave the Northwest or Downtown districts of the city.