Michael Lawrence


Michael is a 21-year-old 6’2” white male, with blond hair and blue eyes.  He is in fairly good physical shape.  He is a soccer player and a junior in philosophy at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, where he has a 3.26 GPA.


Michael comes from what even he admits is a privileged and somewhat isolated background.  His family is well-to-do.  He has never had to work, and his parents pay all of his college expenses.  He lives on campus, as is required for Lewis & Clark undergraduates (at least during their first two years).


Michael hasn’t really settled on a career, though his family is encouraging him to go into law (his father is an attorney, specializing in environmental law).  Michael has recently joined the student interest organization, OSPIRG, in which he has become quite active.


Michael signed up for neighborhood canvassing with OSPIRG.  He has a car (a Volkswagen bug) and figured this would be easy to do on a one-night-a-week basis.  Otherwise, he has most of his time free, unless he has studying to do for classes.


Michael does not have a girlfriend.  He has a number of female friends, but no one special.  Actually, since he has been at Lewis & Clark, Michael has begun to question his sexuality.  He’s taken a few women’s studies classes, read a few books about being gay or bisexual, and has seen recent popular movies with “gay” issues centr to them.  He is struggling quite a bit with this, since he doesn’t know whether his questions are a result of his own tendencies or the fact that so many people at Lewis & Clark talk about and experiment with bisexuality.  He has considered going with friends (females) to a gay bar, like The Embers, but has not yet done so.