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UNST 121-123G: 

Forbidden Knowledge

Martha J. Bianco, Ph.D.

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This site is your point of entry to Forbidden Knowledge, taught by Martha J. Bianco, Ph.D. 

Everything you will need for this course can be accessed from this site.

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Martha J. Bianco, Ph.D.
URBN 370-E
506 SW Mill St.
Portland, OR 97201


Postal Mail:


Portland State University

P.O. Box 751

Portland, OR 97207-0751


Phone: 503-706-8641
Fax: 503-725-8770





This is a year-long freshman inquiry (frinq).  As with all frinqs, students attend a lecture session with the professor for two and a half hours a week; they also attend a smaller lab/discussion session with a mentor for two hours a week.  All freshman inquiries are structured around a topical theme.


The theme for this frinq is “forbidden knowledge” – knowledge that is sacred, profane, unattainable, or prohibited.  For a fuller description of this theme, please see PSU’s University Studies’ Course Theme Description Page.