Film Reflections

Reflection Goals:

Film reflections are meant first and foremost to be an academic exercise, not an "op ed" piece, where you just share your feelings or offer unsubstantiated opinions. You need to reflect upon what youíve seen, drawing from the lectures and the reading material. This means you should do the following:

Itís fine to offer a brief summary of the scenes presented, but donít just focus on the plot. On the other hand, donít simply discuss the ideas presented in the film without any reference to the larger plot. Your reflection should be a balance of your thoughtful consideration about the ideas, with reference to lecture, discussion, and readings.


Jot down key ideas and points. For instance, in the film Blade Runner, we see several interesting future-urban themes: a "big brother" theme; incredibly overbearing and almost alienating architecture, with little connection to "human scale"; technology-gone-awry; propaganda-like advertising; etc.

Your film reflection should:

Your film reflection should NOT: