What is Globalization?

What follows is a compilation of the definitions made by participants from various versions of Understanding Globalization.

Globalization is.....

"The socio-economic trend towards disempowering nations, communities, and individuals through corporate, profit-driven, short-term, non-sustainable exploitation of human and natural resources."

"An historically based process whereby global power is concentrated; physical and human resources of the majority are made accessible to the elite minority, where the notion of "progress" masks the real negative cultural, social, economic, political and environmental impacts."

"The restructuring of the world economy for the benefit of increasing the power of transnational corporations. A packaging that is used to deceive the public. A term used to hide the real agenda."

"Multinational Corporations dominating the world through the eradication of governmental controls and the homogenization of economies for their own profits, while marginalizing the rest. Further, globalization increases the access to global resources for a small corporate elite."

"Globalization stems from capitalist profit seeking need for new markets (economic growth; need for GDP to consistently increase).  Transforming the entire world into a capitalist market system. "

"The creation of an integrated world economic system by a process of various types of manipulation, centrally controlled by the corporate/financial elite and to their own ultimate advantage."

"Globalization means different things to different people, among them: the ability of multinational corporations, through the use of free trade agreements and free trade zones, to invest and conduct business throughout the world in ways that are beneficial to themselves but result in: the exploitation of labourers; environmental degredation; increase in poverty; lower standards of health care and education; destabilization of economies; privatization of public institutinos; industrial deregulation; militarization and human rights abuses; loss of cultural identity and general chaos worldwide."

"A movement towards a world economic system where multinational companies transcend national boundaries and legal systems taking power from governments allowing them to do whatever it takes for them to meet their bottom line."

"An 'Americolonized' greed based socio-economic movement with no accountable centre which serves the interests of an increasingly small elite of TNC's."

"A process of worldwide economic domination and control for profit of the elite few through the freedom of the movement of capital. Pure capitalism with zero controls."

"Globalization is the concentration of power and wealth in the few hands of MULTINATIONAL CORPORATIONS whose only mandate is PROFIT. As a result, this leads to DISEMPOWERMENT of civil society and the homogenization of culture worldwide."