Plagiarism Definitions and Exercises

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What Is Plagiarism?
Portland State University Definition
Earl Babbie's Definition and How to Avoid Plagiarism
Mary J. Allen's Definition and Examples
Martha J. Bianco's Plagiarism Slide Show (PowerPoint)

Plagiarism Exercises and Quizzes

Diana Hacker's A Writer's Reference MLA Research Exercises
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  2. Click on MLA
  3. Begin with E-ex MLA 2-1 and continue through E-ex MLA 4-3
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Hodges' Harbrace Handbook
Plagiarism Definition, Strategies, and Exercises

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Indiana University of Bloomington
School of Education
How to Recognize Plagiarism: Overview
How to Recognize Plagiarism: Plagiarism Legal Cases
How to Recognize Plagiarism: Five Examples
How to Recognize Plagiarism: Practice

How to Recognize Plagiarism Test

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