Purpose: We will discuss the purpose of journaling in class, but, briefly, it is to provide you with ongoing practice in expressing yourself in print and to give you handwriting practice so that you become more fluent in your penmanship.

● You are expected to engage in free-writing journaling at least four days a week, writing at least one page per day.

● Please use one of the two “black-marble” composition books (see “Other Required Materials” on p. 2 of syllabus).

Always bring the composition book containing the week's journaling to class, because you will be randomly called upon to turn in your journal (in which case, please continue journaling in your second composition book).

● If you don't have your journal with you when your name is called, you'll receive an automatic zero.

● Although I am pretty good at reading most students' handwriting, please try to write as legibly as possible while still remaining relaxed (journaling should not be a stressful process!).

● You may journal using pen or pencil.

● Erase or “wite-out” any errors that you feel could interfere with the readability of your writing.

● You won't be graded on spelling, punctuation, or grammar, although if I am unable to make heads or tails out of what you have written, you will not receive full credit.

● Each week, you will be given a topic or theme to help guide your journaling for that week.

● Address the theme or topic given for at least 80-100 words; then, after you have done so, you are free to go “off topic” and write about anything you desire.

● Please express yourself freely; your journaling will remain entirely confidential, and you will never be marked down for your opinions. Don't worry about being “right” or “wrong” in your journal.