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Module I Lecture Guide

Part III


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Virtual Tour of Ancient Cultures




A.               THE RIVER’S EDGE:  The Role of the River in Ancient Cities (see map).




1.      Cities of the Fertile Crescent:  Rivers Forming the Cradle of Civilization



Map of Ur

Color reconstruction of Ur

Sketch of Ur village

Artist’s reconstruction of dwelling in Ur

“Suburbs” of Ur



American soldiers on ziggurat in Ur
(Iraqi War 2004)

American soldiers on ziggurat in Ur




2.      The World of the Nile:  A Civilization Devoted to the Gods



Map of Akhetaten (1349 BC)


Main city of Akhetaten

Black & white reconstruction

Color reconstruction of Akhetaten

Aerial view of Akhetaten

Pharaoh Aketaten and Nerftiti worship Aten



Workers’ settlement

Worker’s flat

Egyptian farmer’s house, 20th cent. BCE

Noble’s residence

Noble’s hall in Tell El Amarna

"Suburban" activities along banks of the River Nile


3.      Around the Huang Ho River: A Rigidly Stratified Society (see map).
Plan of capital city of Ch’ang,  from 7th Century





1.         Dwellings as Protection in Çatal Hüyük


Early wall painting from Çatal Hüyük

Black & white reconstruction of Çatal Hüyük


Color reconstruction

Çatal Hüyük from above, showing laddered entrances into dwellings

Individual dwelling

Artist’s rendering of rooftop life

Early photo of ancient-style dwelling, still found today

“Suburbs” of Çatal Hüyük






1.      City Within a City:  The Greek Polis


a.                   acropolis
b.                   agora


Map of ancient Greece


Acropolis of Priene

Schematic of Athenian acropolis and agora

Schematic of Athenian agora

Map of Athenian agora with acropolis in background


Model of Athenian agora

Model of Athenian acropolis and agora

Colorized etching of agora

Color reconstruction of agora



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