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This is a writing-intensive class. Therefore, you must use all of the resources and guidelines indicated on this page and links from this page for every paper you write for this class. Note:  You will need Adobe Reader for these items.  Click on this icon to install.

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*  Editing Checklist and Grading Form:  do not turn in a paper without going through this first!

*  How to write a university-level paper:  steps for how to write a paper, from brainstorming and thesis building to conclusions. 

*  Writing Diagram for Dr. Bianco's Classes:  one-page schematic that takes you through the writing process, with reference to Hodges.  Handy!

*  Word 2003 Setup:  steps for using and setting up Word 2003's spell & grammar checker, toolbars, etc.  Guaranteed to save you work!

*  MLA Paper Template for Word:  customized MLA-formatted template to guarantee your papers turn out right.  Priceless!

Instructions: Save to your desktop.  When you want to type a paper using this template, open it up, rename it papername.doc and begin typing, saving your paper with the papername.doc name, but keeping the original template untouched on your desktop.  

*  Quick-reference citation guide for MJB’s classes (MLA style):  not definitive, but useful.

*  Plagiarism Information, Exercises, and Slide Show: what you don't know can hurt you! Don't leave home without this.

*  MLA citation sheet from Concordia University:  a good resource to print out.