Deconstruction No. 1

For the first deconstruction activity, we will be looking at the words and lyrics in the following pieces:

We have already listened to some of these pieces and will listen to them again.  

  1. Download and print Uncovering Allusion for a pdf copy of the words and lyrics to these pieces.  You will need this for the activity.
  2. Download and print Uncovering Allusion Exercises for the exercises you need to do and bring to class to discuss.  This constitutes the "deconstruction activity."  This is a Word document, so feel free to type your answers directly onto the sheet and then print it out.  Or, you can print it out and write on it -- whatever suits you.
  3. Bring the lyrics and the exercise to class on the due date for the first deconstruction exericse.

I need help with this activity.