Writing 90 Assignment Page

For the Week of November 7-November 14, 2008

Important note:

Almost all the work between now and the end of the term is self-paced, which means you will be able to work on this material on your own time and on your own schedule. You will have an increasing amount of time in class each week in order to work, but please expect to do at least three to four hours of homework outside of class each week.  If you do not plan out your work carefully and schedule what you are going to do, you are unlikely to get things done when you need to.  So, if you feel you need guidance from me in determining exactly when to do things, please let me know, and I will help you put together a schedule.  But you are all "seasoned" college students now and should be ready to begin to work at a more self-determined pace :-)  Good luck (and don't forget to contact me if you need help!  biancom@q7.com)!


We are finished with the mandatory journaling exercise in this class.  You will be asked to reflect on and write about the journaling experience in an in-class writing response over the next few weeks. 


If you find yourself taking more time on an assignment than what I have listed, please contact me before you spend too much time on the assignment.  You may be doing too much or going about it incorrectly.  Contact me if you'd like assistance.  Good luck!

A.    Plagiarism (total 50 EXTRA CREDIT POINTS)

1.    Final Plagiarism Project

Note:  I will be giving an in-class plagiarism presentation as a final overview of what you have been reading about in your self-study of plagiarism.  At any time between now and the end of the term, you are invited to take the "test" at the web site you've been doing most of your work at.  If and when you answer all of the questions correctly, you will receive a certificate that tells one and all that you have mastered the concepts of plagiarism.  Hand this in to me in one of your folders on or before Dec. 5, and you will receive 50 extra-credit points.  Please note that it can be very difficult to complete this test with 100% accuracy.  This is why the points are extra credit.  
  1. Please go to http://www.indiana.edu/~istd/test.html
  2. If and when you successfully complete the "test," you will receive a certificate.
  3. Print this out and turn it in to me in one of your homework packets on or before Dec. 5.
  4. You'll receive 50 extra credit points.
  5.  This test is not easy. Don't try to whip it out in ten minutes.  Make sure you feel like you have a pretty strong grasp of the subject matter before attempting it.  Remember, it's extra credit, so if you are unable to complete it, that's fine.  Good luck.

B.    Grammar, Punctuation, and Spelling total 150 points for completion of end-of-chapter quizzes

From this point on, you will be working through three chapters (Chs. 10, 7, and 8 -- in that order) in the textbook at your own pace, taking chapter quizzes when you are ready.
We will also be finishing study of comma rules and doing practice and review.  There will be an in-class quiz on commas, which will be announced a week ahead of time.  You have no specific comma work at this time.

Comma Splice, Run-On and Fragment Quiz:

We will have an in-class quiz on comma splices, run-ons, and sentence fragments in class on Nov. 14.  Please do not be late to class.  I will be announcing the availability of a practice quiz within the next couple of days.  Do the practice quiz and check your results; study up on any weak areas; and prepare a one-page, front-only "cheat sheet" to use during the quiz.  Stay tuned for more information on this quiz.


For the rest of the term, most of your writing will be begun in class.  You will be given at least 1-1/2 hours each class session to work on one or more stages of writing (prewriting, outlining, drafts, revising, editing, and final typing).  You will be able to leave class to work in the computer lab to type draft and final copies.  Follow the instructions given in class each week.

1.    Writing begun Nov. 7 and due Nov. 14:  (total 150 points)

In class this past week, we worked on prewriting (in the form of a cluster diagram) and outlining, according to a handout, of the following topic:

Write about a special object that you either received or lost, in a situation that involved a lot of emotion for you.  This could be, for instance, a special family heirloom that you got when your beloved aunt died; a tattoo you had to have removed after a painful breakup; your first $20 bill, which you got for your 10th birthday and then tragically lost; a drawing of you done by your childhood best friend.
  1. Begin with a cluster diagram that develops the topic with a focus on situation, conflict, struggle, outcome, and meaning.  If you were in class, you already did this.  If you were absent or want to do it again, please use the handout at http://www.marthabianco.com/WR90/ClusterDiagram_Week7_Essay.pdf
  2. Next, develop an outline.  If you were absent or want to do it again, please use the handout at http://www.marthabianco.com//WR90/Outline_Week7.pdf.
  3. Write your first draft.  You may handwrite this or type it, but either way, please double-space.
  4. Revise your first draft using the revision checklist given in class or, if you weren' there, at http://www.marthabianco.com/WR90/Revision_Checklist.pdf.
  5. Type up your second draft, incorporating all of your revisions.
  6. Send your revised second draft to me via e-mail, as either an attachment or just in-line in the text of your message, by Tuesday night, Nov. 12.  I will send the revision back to you, with my general comments.
  7. Incorporate my general comments into your revised second draft and type up a third draft.
  8. Edit your third draft, using the editing checklist given in class or, if you weren't there, at http://www.marthabianco.com/WR90/Editing_Checklist.pdf
  9. Bring your revised and typed third draft, showing your handwritten editing marks, in to class on Friday, Nov. 14.

2.    Start thinking about your final essay  

On Dec. 5, you will be turning in a final two-page essay that you want to represent the best of what you have learned this term.  You are going to be able to choose your topic, from among all of those you have worked on this term.  Begin thinking about which of your pieces you want to develop, based either on the subject or how well you think you have been able to apply the stages of the writing process, to develop all parts of the essay, and to apply appropriate style and mechanics, as laid out in the CLUESS and COPS grading checklist and writing guidelines.  I will try to give you time each week to work on this, so try to have your final essay topic in mind by next week (you may also choose your topic from what you turned in this week and what you began working Friday).

3.  Writing Portfolio

Plan to turn in a folder containing all of your writing work, arranged in chronological order (writing only, not textbook and other exercises) on Dec. 5.  We will go over your portfolio on Dec. 12 and together discuss your final grade for the course.

Good Luck, and be sure to write me if you have any questions or need help.
Please stay tuned to your e-mail for chat times!

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