UNST 220 Understanding Communities

Dr. Martha J. Bianco


Module II Lecture Guide

Part I


The Rich Just Keep Getting Richer


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I.                 Immigration




Passengers aboard ship headed for America

Crowded conditions on ship

First sight of America for first waves of immigration


Ellis Island from the sky


View of approach to Ellis Island from ship

Ellis Island from docked ship

Inside great hall at Ellis

Eye exam at Ellis Island


A. Sources of Immigrants


B. Reasons for Migration within US

1.      Local conditions ("push" factors):

2.      Conditions in medium and large cities ("pull" factors)

Early 20th century pamphlet inviting immigrants to Minnesota


C. Foreign Immigration


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1.      First-Wave Immigrants


Early English settlers

African slaves




German immigrants at Ellis Island

Immigrant Irish factory workers

Chinese immigrants in Americanization class



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