UNST 220 Understanding Communities

Dr. Martha J. Bianco


Module II Lecture Guide

Part II


The Rich Just Keep Getting Richer

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I.                 Immigration


C. Foreign Immigration


Watch this 1903 film footage recorded by Thomas Edison of immigrants arriving at Ellis Island.


2. Second-Wave Immigrants:


Italian woman and children at Ellis Island

Russian immigrant family, 1918

Japanese housing in Honolulu, early 20th century

Ashkenazic Jews newly arrived in America

Mexican family awaiting entry into America


Check out this timeline of U.S. federal legislation related to Native Americans and immigrants.


3. Third-Wave Immigrants: Who are they?

4. What is "clientelistic hostility"?


D.                 Could You Become an American?


Can you answer these 100 Sample Citizenship Questions asked of immigrants applying for citizenship?




II. Income Inequality: A Dual Nation


A. Basic Elements of Social Stratification


a. Social stratification in the preindustrial city

b.                  Various ranks of society in the American city from colonial era through 1800s




indentured servant

paid servant

blacksmith apprentice








upper class woman

upper class man

upper class man



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