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For the Week of October 10, 2008


Journaling topic/theme to work on this week: Feeling and Dealing with Stress (see http://www.marthabianco.com/WR90/Journaling.html for general instructions for journaling).

Stressed much yet? Well, okay, maybe just a little :-) Now is the time of the term when things start to get rough. Whether or not you've received financial aid, money stress seems to be ongoing. Friends and family members may seem not to be adjusting well at all to your new (or maybe continuing) status as a hard-working student (not to mention everything else you do). Some students' parents nag them more than ever about homework and whatnot -- like you're not mature enough to handle things (or at least learn how to handle things) on your own.

The other thing that starts happening right about now is illness. You're in school, and it's just like when you were 6 or 7 years old: you're being exposed to a lot of people -- but what's worse is that a lot of these people have sick kids and other relatives they're hanging around, coming to school all willing and ready to share their germs with you. Not only are you exposed to so much illness, but you're exhausted (right?). And IT'S ONLY THREE WEEKS INTO THE TERM!!!

Relax. What you are going through is perfectly normal. But, you do need to take care of yourself. Please think about going to (and hopefully even do) get a flu shot. Also, it helps to "get it out." One thing I hope may help a little is for you to use this opportunity to get your feelings and concerns about stress down on paper, through journaling. When you're journaling, talk about what you're doing on a daily basis (or what you maybe should be doing) to help deal with stress (like taking a little time for yourself, exercising, or thinking about switching from a full-time to a part-time job, maybe changing hours, etc.).

Please remember to write at least one full page per day, at least four days a week. Each day, writing about this week's theme ("Feeling and Dealing with Stress"), but feel free to write about any additional topic(s) that cross your mind. You can even use your journaling time to complain about this class! (Hey, you gotta get it all out, right?)


Spread the work in this section (Excerises) out over maybe three days, devoting no more than 45 minutes per day on each portion.  Don't save the work for the last day, and don't try to cram things in your head!  I would recommend beginning the Exercises in the beginning of next week.

A.    Plagiarism

Reading the Babbie article (the one you highlighted last week), is your first step in working toward your "Confirmation Certificate" that will serve as "evidence" that you have completed a course of study in understanding plagiarism.

You will be working through some online readings about plagiarism, some short and some a little longer. Every week, you'll get a new reading assignment. Please write a summary of each reading to turn in. The purpose of this is (1) to help you focus on what you're reading and to really grasp the subject matter (plagiarism), (2) to practice your summary-writing skills (including the use of author tags and citation methods), and (3) to provide me with tangible proof that you did the reading. Some points to remember:

1.    This week's plagiarism assignment:

A.    Read and write a summary of: Indiana University's "How to Recognize Plagiarism," overview page only at http://www.indiana.edu/~istd/overview.html. Do not click on "Next," and go on to the next page right now; you'll get that later!
B.    Read and write a summary of: PCC's "Academic Integrity Policy," in "Student Rights and Responsibilities," Fall 2008, p. 8-11 only, at http://www.pcc.edu/about/policy/student-rights/student-rights.pdf.
C.    Turn in these summaries (they can be on the same page), due in your pocket folder at the beginning of class, Friday, Oct. 17.

B.    Grammar, Punctuation, and Spelling

1.    This week's textbook assignment:

A.   Ch. 4-5 Grammar Review:
    1. SKIM & SCAN Ch. 4
    2. READ Ch. 5
    3. Nothing to turn in from these exercises.

B.    Ch. 11-12 Punctuation Review:

      1. READ p. 212-214 on the comma
      2. TURN IN your answers to Exs. 4 & 6, by either writing directly in the book and tearing out the sheets or photocopying the pages and writing on the photocopy. Due Fri., Oct. 17, beginning of class, in your pocket folder.


I would break this into three parts, too.  First, choose a topic and engage in your prewriting.  Next, work on a topic sentence and begin your outline. Third, finish up and proofread the outline. You should have this finished by Thursday, so it's all set to go Friday morning!

Writing a Topic Sentence and Outlining

  1. Choose a Topic:
  2. Prewrite:
  3. Write a Topic Sentence [WG*]:
  4. Write an Outline [WG*]:
I.    Major support No. 1  for your topic sentence
A.    Minor support No. 1 for I, above
1.    detail No. 1 for minor support No. 1 in A., above
2.    detail No. 2 for minor support No. 1 in A., above.
a.    sub-detail No. 1
b.    sub-detail No. 2
i.    minor sub-detail No. 1 for No. 2b
ii.    minor sub-detail No. 2  for No. 2b
iii.    minor sub-detail No. 2 for No. 2b
c.    sub-detail No. 3
3.  detail No. 3 for support No. 1, in A., above.
B.    Minor support No. 2
  1. You may send me a draft of your outline by Wednesday if you want me to look over it first.
  2. Turn in your [WG] typed outline, [WG] typed topic sentence, and prewriting together in your folder, start of class on Friday, Oct. 17.
Paragraph Topics  
  1. A relative has generously left you money in her will. You want to give some of it to charity. Which charity do you choose and why?
  2. You have won a free trip to Hawaii. You may take one person with you. Whom do you choose and why?
  3. The editor of your local newspaper has asked you to write about the best athlete on a team in your school or community. Whom do you choose and why?
  4. A friend from far away is coming to visit you for the first time. What place in particular do you want your friend to see during the visit?
  5. One place stands out in your memory. It may be indoors or outdoors, close to home or far away. Tell about it.
  6. A special machine lets you travel back in time. Describe what you witness firsthand sometime in the past.
  7. Most of us have "heroes," people we greatly admire. Our heroes are usually people who help others. Describe one of your heroes.
  8. Machines and gadgets have made life easier and more fun. Some machines we could not imagine living without. Write about a machine that you cannot live without.
  9. We think of cats, dogs, and goldfish as commonplace pets. There are also other, more unusual pets available. Write about a pet that you think is unusual.
  10. You are moving on to another place or a new experience. How does this move affect you?
  11. Something that you depend on breaks down. It takes a week to get it fixed. What does this do to your life?
  12. A natural disaster has struck your community. What are the results?
  13. You enjoy playing a particular game. Your friend wants to learn how to play it too. Describe how you teach your friend to play the game.
  14. Pretend there is a traditional holiday in three weeks. You want to have a party in your home. How do you organize it?
  15. You plan to surprise your mother by preparing a meal for her on Mother's Day. What do you do?
*Remember, [WG] assignments require that you follow the Writing Guidelines, posted at http://www.marthabianco.com/WR90/wg.html/

Good Luck, and be sure to write me if you have any questions or need help.
Please stay tuned to your e-mail for chat times!

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